Camila Amorim

Drama and Film Studies - BA (Hons)

My name is Camila Amorim and my chosen degree is Drama and Film Studies.

The fact is, I never had an answer for when people asked “so what do you actually want to do?”. I started this journey knowing I love acting as well as producing films, but really lost when it came to a specific position, which actually gave me the freedom to jump between both courses and truly experiment creatively.

Now, three years later I know what I want to do. I am a filmmaker and I want to direct films. I’m confident in my artistic voice, I can animate, I can direct, edit and operate all kinds of equipment. However, I’m aware I still have a lot to learn, but that’s not a breaking point - on the contrary.

The work I most enjoyed doing so far is experimental, based on concepts like: what if one of the actors represented an object? I’ve come to the conclusion that, to be alone and free of set ideas isn’t necessarily bad. When you’re adrift, you’re also in discovery. Like a true Portuguese, I want to set sail, but as a filmmaker. I want to explore different concepts inspired by directors such as Pedro Almodovar, Wes Anderson, Lars Von Trier, Miguel Gomes and Ingmar Bergman. I want to explore humanity, questioning and appreciating what we are.