Niamh Edmonds

Media Studies - BA (Hons)

My degree covered a broad range of topics, but my two most favoured pieces of work came from the Digital Publishing Module where I created a short documentary about Overfishing, the second came from Digital Media Theory where I got the opportunity to write about sexism and racism within online spaces; I enjoyed and excelled at writing/talking about societal issues.

Inspiration for the Overfishing documentary came after reading an article on the World Wildlife Funds (WWF) website; WWF regularly campaign for animal and environmental rights. After reading this article it became apparent that this is what I wanted to make a documentary about, and I am proud of the outcome and message.

My second piece was about the anti-female and racist experience in online spaces. The piece explored Lisa Nakamura claim that racism and sexism have flourished on the internet, and even define it. I argued that this is true by relating back to the #Gamergate scandal and how groups had to be made to help combat sexism, racism, and homophobia online (groups like: Fat, Ugly and Slutty? And Not In The Kitchen Anymore).